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MiniKeepass updated to v1.4.1

Bug fixes, according to the Apple Store.

And according to the MiniKeepass Twitter feed, a spelling error was fixed also.


SyncPass updated to v1.3

from the App Store:

What’s New in Version 1.3

– Added pull down refresh control at database list level

– Simplified password copy step

– Fix for “Invalid File Size” error

MiniKeePass updated to v1.4

from the App Store:

What’s New in Version 1.4

– iPhone 5 optimized
– Changes to how entries are displayed
– Added ability to move entries & groups into different groups
– Added single tap to copy to entry display
– Added support for custom fields to KeePass 2.x files
– Lots of work behind the scenes to improve handling of databases
– Lots of other bug fixes
– New and improved spelling if “Copied” now with 100% more “P”s (Oops)

Chart updated Key Files for MiniKeePass

I was informed by someone on the MiniKeePass project that they support Key Files as well, so I have updated the chart:

New version for 1Password on iOS

It’s not compatible with KeePass, but congratulations to AgileBits on the new version of 1Password for iOS. They’re having a sale at the App Store- $8 instead of the normal $18 (they haven’t announced when the sale will end).

I used to use 1Password on Windows, Mac, and iOS but have switched back to the KeePass system. But 1Password is very nice.

New, better chart

I have made a new, better chart of the various KeePass-compatible apps:

KeePass on iOS (iPhone & iPad) comparison

Quck and dirty comparison of iOS apps (iPhone & iPad) that have some level of compatibility with KeePass.

For info about KeePass see:

Here are the existing iOS apps in the App Store at this time, plus comments.

For all, it is assumed they:

  • read, write, and create both v1 and v2 KeePass databases
  • are closed source
  • work with  DropBox (requires manual syncing)
  • can search

See comments in chart for exceptions, and please note that most of this information is taken from the vendor’s own claims. There may be many errors on the chart, please leave a comment on this page to suggest updates.

app title price (US$) app last updated comments
– site – store
free 10/31/2012 source code available
iKeePass – site – store $0.99 10/3/2012 first iPhone app to support KeePass
KyPass – site – store $3.99 11/24/2012 internal web browser, based on MyKeePass, supports key files. Has automatic updating via DropBox, also supports Google Drive.
KyPass Pro – site –  store $4.99 11/21/2012 internal web browser, based on MyKeePass, supports key files. Has automatic updating via DropBox, also supports Google Drive.
SyncPass – site –  store $0.99 10/30/2012 based on MiniKeePass. Has automatic updating via DropBox.
PassDrop   – site – store $1.99 9/12/2012 v1 only
MyKeePass –
site1 –  site2 –  store
$0.99 7/12/2010 NO LONGER UPDATED, cannot export v2
myLoginsFree – store free 11/11/2011 NO LONGER UPDATED, can import V1 only, can export CSV
myLogins – store $0.99 11/11/2011 NO LONGER UPDATED, can import V1 only, can export CSV

Other important information not represented here yet is the actual security of the app (important, right!), usability, support level. Input is welcome.