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New, better chart

December 4, 2012

I have made a new, better chart of the various KeePass-compatible apps:


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  1. jwriddle permalink

    Kudos for putting the effort into developing (and then updating) this comparison-chart. Also, thanks for being proactive by also then cross-posting in the “Support” section at the site (REF: as stumbling onto your Dec 3rd comment is what ultimately lead me here.

    Jay R.
    Atlanta, GA

    • jwriddle permalink

      FYI — in relation to my first comment; in addition to seeing your post on; I had also noticed your thread on the MiniKeePass/GitHub site (

      In terms of throwing my two-cents in relative to your request to submit any recommendations RE: possible improvements\changes to your chart’s most recent iteration, please see below:

      Specific to the “Comments” column for the Kypass (v1.x) vs. Kypass Pro (v2.x) records — have you thought about appending some more specific information related to the developer’s insights around the core discrepencies between the two Kypass versions?

      Per the developer’s entry on Nov-24-2012 (REF:

      “All persons who have made an update to their iPhone/iPad today already knows: Your favorite
      password manager has changed!
      KyPass 1 was too difficult to maintain.
      Thus, all KyPass 1 users are now upgraded to KyPass 2.

      Former users of KyPass 2 have now KyPass Pro.

      What are the differences between KyPass and KyPass Pro?
      Generator password and unlock by pincode is only in the Pro version.
      Actually, this is the only difference.

      Regarding future features, you will see …”

      Hope this was helpful.

      Jay R.
      Atlanta, GA

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