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KeePass is a wonderful free open-source password-management application for Windows. For more information about KeePass, please visit Besides Windows, KeePass can be run on Macintosh and Linux systems if the the Mono environment is installed.

However iPhone and iPad users can not run KeePass directly on their devices. Fortunately, several  developers have created iOS apps that are compatible with the database that KeePass uses to store password information.

This site lists and compares iPhone and iPad apps that work with KeePass databases, so that loyal users of KeePass on desktop and laptop computers can continue to access their password data on their iOS devices. I own several KeePass – compatible apps, but not all of them. In any event I don’t have the resources or expertise for exhaustive testing. So most of the information on this site is gathered from the App Store, the vendors’ own web sites, information directly from the vendors, and from visitors to this site.

For an overall brief comparison of the various apps, please see the AppChart.

For comments or updates, please use the commenting mechanism on this site.

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